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What a lovely Christmas it's been.

Ben and I had our first official Christmas together -- making ourselves the priority first, with family being second. We had to celebrate it early as he did go home for Christmas, so we opened our gifts to each other on the 22nd, cozy in our little apartment decorated with paper garlands, mini trees, wreaths, ornaments and cards. I had told Ben in advance that I loved wrapping gifts so if he ordered stuff for me from Amazon, I'd be happy to wrap the boxes instead of him having to do it, lol. So he hatched this nefarious plan. He pulled out three large boxes a day or two before our Christmas, that were plain giant Amazon boxes that said "To Gina from Ben" scrawled in sharpie with one measly bow on them. I huffed and said I wanted pretty packages under our tree, so I wrapped them while Ben dissolved into laughter. He finally convinced me to open one of them and sure enough, there were several small Amazon boxes in the larger one, which I then wrapped.

On Christmas morning I set out about unwrapping the remaining large boxes, only to be stymied again when inside of them were smaller presents ALREADY WRAPPED! It was the same case for the smaller boxes I had wrapped the night before -- wrapped presents inside them as well! He had wrapped everything individually, and then put them in larger boxes that I would be tempted to wrap myself, just to prank me. What an ass! We died laughing. XD Despite my cold and nasty laryngitis it was an awesome Christmas, as his presents to me turned out to be art supplies and TONS of nerdy board games good for 2 player games (we both love board games, but it's hard to find ones that are really fun for 2). So we spent the rest of our weekend together learning how to play Carcassone, a space card game, and Agricola :-D But there are still several games left to learn! I'm so excited for the next year :) Ben also loved his presents, fancy socks, a pizza cutter (FINALLY), candy, and a 15-movie set of Alfred Hitchcock films on Blu-Ray :)

Ben left for Oregon on the 23rd, but I've been having fun on my own, watching Hell's Kitchen (which my boss works on, as a cameraman when he's not helping our vet clinic with technology), knitting up a storm including a scarf for Charlotte the kitty, drawing, cooking, watching A Christmas Story and Elf, and having a spa morning with a LUSH bath bomb and face mask. Aw yeah! Also had some lovely time chatting with Ben and his parents, and then everyone in my family as well.

So yes, despite being sick this has been a really wonderful Christmas. :)
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