somebody crazy (loonylupinlover) wrote,
somebody crazy


My dad is back in the hospital again, I guess. Richie, my little brother, did something dumb but minor; my dad struck him in the face and tried to keep beating him up. Richie hit him back to get away from him. My mom was there and I don't know if Dad made a threatening move toward her or what but Richie said that if Dad tried to hurt Mom, Richie would go get a knife from the kitchen and stab Dad. This was all outside and the neighbors called the police. The police came and didn't take Dad to the hospital, what the fuck. You have a mentally ill person with a history of psychosis who is hitting his grown child. Seems like that person should probably be taken to the hospital and evaluated! Richie left the house and I guess later Mom took Dad to the hospital herself. I've been trying to call Mom but she hasn't answered. I guess she's staying with my grandma tonight.

I wish I was there.
I wish mental illness didn't fucking exist.
I wish I wasn't worried now about whether Dad will ever be safe at home again and I hate that Mom feels like she has to bear the entire burden of Dad's health.
Tags: angst, family
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